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Many military members will decide to relocate after leaving the military. Sometimes it's very difficult to decide where one will live. A military person may not know where to start researching information to determine the most ideal location. There are several reasons why a military transitioning comrade may decide to relocate:

1. Lack of employment

2. Isolated area

3. Low quality of life

4. Poor school systems

5. Crime

6. High cost of living

7. Lack of housing

8. Inadequate housing

9. Poor climate

10. Lack of resources

For The Military Transitioning Comrade:

The list is endless why you may decide to relocate during your military transition.

People may not realize that you've had laser focus on your responsibilities as a service member and that you may not be aware of all of the resource available to you. We tend to have a serious wake up call as we get ready to leave the military. As we start to undergo our military transition, we realize how much information we need in various categories, especially relocation information and tools.

When you begin your military transition, you need answers and you need them now! Consult Chambers of Commerce to get the vital relocation information you need.

There are several things to consider if you're planning on relocating and the one of the best research tools to consider are Chambers of Commerce for any given city or region.

The following are a list of items you may want to research through a Chamber of Commerce:

1. Employment Opportunities

2. Most popular industries

3. Population

4. Median cost of housing and availability

5. Average income of residents

6. Demographics

7. Local Business Directories

8. Local Schools and Colleges

9. Crime ratios

10. Local attractions and recreation

11. Public Transportation

12. General community information and concerns

13. Benefits of becoming a Chamber of Commerce member

14. Associations and Clubs

15. Veteran Assistance programs

16. City Calendar of Events

17. Business and personal networking events/mixers

18. Welcome packages

19. Coupons and discounts

20. The city's economical status

It's not limited to the above items, it's just very advantageous to utilize Chambers of Commerce for vital information if you're considering relocating. This may take a load off of your mind as you experience your military transition. Your best decisions will be made with thorough and sound information.

One of the great features of a Chamber of Commerce is they will often have Welcome Packages with loads of local information.

In some cases you'll have to be a member and in other cases you can be a visitor.

If you're new to an area and were unable to contact a Chamber of Commerce prior to relocating, make it a point to visit your local Chamber of Commerce. Find out vital information and resources to help with your military transition. Even if you've been in an area for a long time, you'd be surprised at some of the unknown resources that may be available to you.

One key way to find a Chamber of Commerce is through any major search engine. I've found various ways to locate them.

Search on the phrase: City Name Chamber of Commerce

Another way to do a mass search on Chambers of Commerce is to see:

This site will give you a mass search of Chambers of Commerce by state, region or international location. This can be a great tool if you're considering more than one location.

You're served your country, now find out how your country can serve you. Research your next location by using Chambers of Commerce. Best wishes with your military transition and the best of success.

Other Relocation Tools:

Great State and City Information Tool:

Demographic Search: Type (City Name Demographics) in a search engine

City Page Search: Type (The City Name and the words City Page) in a search engine

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Military Transition Tips-Chambers of Commerce

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