Considerations for commercial scaffolding

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When it comes to commercial scaffolding, there are additional considerations to be taken into account. It's vital that a commercial enterprise requiring scaffolding services hires a scaffolding company which is aware of the considerations and which can ably deliver in these areas.


The first important consideration is design. Quality scaffold design is of course essential in both residential and commercial sectors, however commercial scaffolding needs to be designed to ensure as little disruption as possible. This means bespoke design for every individual commercial building (often far more complex than residential structures) - design which enables both employees and customers to access and exit the building without disturbance. As a leading scaffolding company in London, J&L Scaffolding have been called upon to create highly complex commercial scaffolding design for large-scale structures, all the way down to simple solutions for small retailers. At the heart of all of our scaffolding design for commercial use is ease of use and minimal disruption, while at all times ensuring that the scaffolding is as aesthetically pleasing as possible.


The second consideration is safety. Again, safety is paramount in all scaffolding, however commercial buildings are public places with the commercial enterprise having a duty of care to protect the safety of its employees, customers and visitors. When work is being carried out on a commercial building it is imperative that scaffolding safety is paramount in order to prevent both injuries and potential lawsuits.


And finally, it's vital to consider speed and efficiency. Most residential clients requiring scaffolding hire will naturally want the project to be completed as quickly and smoothly as possible, but speed and efficiency is arguably more important to commercial clients as it can affect the bottom line, particularly for retailers. While every effort is made to minimalise disruption, large-scale building work can affect footfall and therefore sales while the work takes place. It's important to use an experienced scaffold company which erects and dismantles well-designed and safe scaffolding with speed and efficiency, and which uses polite and friendly scaffolders, as this ensures that the commercial enterprise presents a professional image even while undergoing necessary construction, refurbishment or maintenance.

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Considerations for commercial scaffolding

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This article was published on 2010/11/11